Music Lessons

Why Take Music Lessons?  

Private and small group instruction is not tutoring. It benefits all students, young and old. Private lessons, in particular, can be especially motivating to young, gifted students. 

Lessons provide quality time with a professional who actually plays the instrument. 

In a private or small group environment, instructors can adjust the curriculum to each student’s abilities, encouraging them to follow their own musical interests. 

A variety of music literature keeps students interested and practicing. 

Lessons allow for more opportunities for performance and advancement, such as in local youth orchestras, festivals, community ensembles, etc. 

Advanced skills are taught that are harder to acquire in large, multi-instrument music classes. 

Private and small group study make the school and community-based ensembles stronger as more members will have advanced techniques. 

How to Choose a Teacher

When you have determined that you or your child would like to learn an instrument, you will want to find a teacher. This is an important decision since this relationship can be a long-lasting one with a great impact on your whole family’s musical experience.  

Once you have the names of some possible teachers, you can begin to gather the information you need to choose the best teacher for you/your child. Below are a few guidelines to help in this process: 


We've compiled a list of teachers in the Missoula area—see the list here.

If you are a music teacher in the Missoula area and would like to be added to our list, please fill out this form.

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