Scholarship Fund

The Missoula Symphony Scholarship Fund

Continuing the grand tradition of the Missoula Symphony Guild, the Missoula Symphony Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing scholarships for outstanding University of Montana music students who play in the Missoula Symphony Orchestra or sing in the Missoula Symphony Chorale. This year, the Missoula Symphony Association will award more than $30,000 in scholarships to seven talented young musicians. This commitment is possible thanks to the generosity of our Scholarship Fund donors.

2023 - 2024 Scholarships

Cook Family Scholarship

New in 2020-2021, this scholarship is named for Will and Kay Cook. “ We are happy to partner with the University of Montana and The Missoula Symphony Association to support the growth of music education in Montana and the cultural enrichment of our city.”

Cook Family/Missoula Symphony Association scholarship recipient, 2023 - Jayla Mitchell, Cello

Cook Family/Missoula Symphony Association scholarship recipient, 2023 - Catherine Treis, Violin

Cook Family/Missoula Symphony Association scholarship recipient, 2023 - Fischer Friend, Double Bass

The Florence Reynolds Scholarship

Named for a woman who shared her musical talent, enthusiasm and endless energy with the MSA for many years.

MSO Florence Reynolds scholarship recipient, 2023 - Kylie Heit, Cello

The Symphony Guild Presidents’ Scholarship

Named in honor of those women who have given their time and energy as Presidents of the Missoula Symphony Guild.

MSO Past Presidents scholarship recipient, 2023 - Neveah Killsnight, Viola

The Joseph Henry Scholarship

Named in honor of our Music Director Emeritus, who retired in 2007 after 21 years as Music Director of the Missoula Symphony Orchestra.

MSO Joseph Henry scholarship recipient, 2023 - Owen Cleary, Violin

The Donald Carey Scholarship

Named in honor of our former Chorale Director who retired in 2006, after 18 years at his post.

MSO Donald Carey scholarship recipient, 2023 - Maren Elliott, Violin

The Virginia Vinal Scholarship

Named in honor of the longest-serving member of the orchestra, and her dedication to music and community.

MSO Virginia Vinal scholarship recipient, 2023 - Gabe Kantor, Violin

The Lorraine Andrie Prize

Not a scholarship but a cash award, this prize is presented at the final concert of each season to a U.M. graduating senior who is deemed a truly outstanding and dedicated orchestra member. Named in honor of the founding leader of the Guild.

Lorraine Andrie Prize recipient, 2023 - Bayley Ginnaty, Viola

The Women’s Guild Tuition Scholarship

Funded by Betty Thisted and Sophie Lambros, two presidents of the former Missoula Symphony Guild, this scholarship provides full tuition, for four years, to an incoming University of Montana music major focusing on piano or percussion.

MSO Women's Guild Tuition Scholarship recipient, 2023 - William (Danger) Gersh, Percussion

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