The Mountain that Loved a Bird

The Mountain that Loved a Bird


Meet Our Art Contest Winners

Evan - 3rd Place, ages 5 and under

Silas - 2nd Place, ages 5 and under

Luke - 1st Place, ages 5 and under

Mathew - 3rd Place, ages 6 to 8

Pearl - 2nd Place, ages 6 to 8

Rose - 1st Place, ages 6 to 8

Claire - 3rd Place, ages 9 to 12

Kyra - 2nd Place, ages 9 to 12

Garrett - 1st Place, ages 9 to 12

Taniah - Runner up for Overall Winner

Orion - Overall Winner

The Mountain That Loved a Bird is a beautiful story of friendship and renewal. This well-loved story by American author, Alice McLerran, set to music by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw, highlights universal truths as it tells the lyrical tale of a small bird that changes the life of a cold and barren mountain, in sensitive and poetic prose. The concert also features the art of Eric Carle. These vivid collage illustrations are considered to be some of his finest works. Bring your entire family—this concert is suitable for all ages—to experience an afternoon of music, education, enchantment and audience interaction.

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About the composer, Caroline Shaw

A Word from our Theater Director

This is a story of a Mountain who was very lonely. This loneliness is lifted when a Bird visits the Mountain, but the Mountain becomes deeply sad and full of grief when the bird is gone.   

  Art, Music, and Creative Movement help us to immediately understand the feelings in this story and how they relate to times we have felt loneliness, grief, comfort, and joy. Being able to understand and share the feelings of another's experiences (or story) is called empathy.  

  Music and performance are the most direct vehicles of empathy; we are called to empathy through storytelling. In relating to the deep grief and sadness in this story, we also get to be reminded that the joy of living is always present, even during the greatest loneliness in our lives.  We hope you find light and hope through this beautiful piece as well.  

  -Rosie Ayers, Theatre Director & Teaching Artist 

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